Saturday, July 15, 2017

...exit stage right.

Only appearing when never looking or that's what the heart tries to convince the mind of. The mind has no choice but to follow where the heart leads. Something new something, undiscovered and the intoxicating journey begins anew. Elsewhere the sting of simple words and awkward situation, knowing the truth before they were spoken. Lesson I needed to relearn. Expecting to much from someone and not enough from myself? No, just a bit of hope misplaced. Hope is a dangerous thing regardless of the intent. Finally taking time to fully and truly realize that my desired outcome was not shared, so no more putting myself into this position again. Placing myself into something where it shouldn't have been, as it was never there to begin with. All my expectations, large and small and also unfounded. Never the right time, stars not aligning, so many reasons come and go and now its just time for me to go. That decision was made for me and needfully so. Time to separate the mind and heart and watch the scenery pass by for a while. Wayfarers journey indeed.

 Exit stage right.  

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