Friday, January 27, 2017

...a wayfarers journey.

Warming by a fire within. Now as the fire dies, another memory is gently added to bring back its radiance and warmth. Watching the memory slowly consumed and then another to replace it. Goodbyes and greetings, letting go and letting in. Wayfarers journey indeed. Distant smiles, laughter and the compass slowly swings north. Each step brings me farther from the known and closer to the unknown. Memories seeking an audience with the heart but it no longer heeds their call and silently looks on at the passing landscape. The mind, silent as well, watching and knowing that so many miles have passed, each a memory in its own right and so many yet to be made, now beckon from beyond a distant horizon. Time. It must be given for such a perfect work, then all will be answered. For the first time in a while, a subtle smile. 

...a wayfarers journey

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