Monday, October 10, 2016

...destination unknown.

..damaged goods in search of repair. Worn, tired but still somehow kinda ok. Pushed little by little to the point of not caring and then failure and then asked what and why as my mind is still reeling, trying to recover from the spin. Eveningfall and I find a slight chill in the air, slight empty feeling in a comforting way. Perhaps jadedness is so bad. Tonight.. A smile, a precious moment spent, lingering in its glow. Not expecting this and finding myself amazed by such. The magic of the unexpected. The sweetness of the unknown. For a moment and only for a moment do I allow such indulgence of the senses. The unknown must remain exactly that for now, but not by choice. There is a time for all things. One day......and then? Time knows and I do not chance at dreaming of such wondrous things or do I? To many pieces of myself already lay scattered around the landscape like a sad and discarded tapestry. Once in a while it happens though. The weary spirit finds rest. If but for a very brief time it finds the solace it seeks. Every once in a while there is someone waiting, wanting to see you. There are some emotions that words cant describe, only felt. A bitter sweetness for the soul. For now one step in front of the other..

..... destination unknown.

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