Tuesday, August 30, 2016


..sometimes you find that special someone just to let go later because you thought you knew better, lacked the strength to hold on or didn't want to be hurt by what you perceived as the eventual outcome. Sometimes you have years to contemplate the whys, why nots and still no answer is found and life goes on. Sometimes you wonder why the long road seems to be getting longer. Sometimes the road circles to where it all began. Senses instantly overloaded and missteps made until clarity catches up and takes over. Face to face and the heart and mind begin a furious dialogue but time is needed as wounds are fresh and needed to be healed. Both, realizing this, cease and clarity increase.
In my clarity I suddenly realize how much I don't know and how little I do. Standing humbled, embarrassed yet blessed. Second chance, perhaps. Unworthy of such. Hoping that fate has smiled again. A second chance..?


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