Thursday, June 30, 2016

Inch by inch...

...tonight I finally have the time to stop for a try and find the direction to some part of me I lost a long time ago. I have no idea where or when exactly, but now as I begin a familiar journey I wonder what my future is to be.  I have no direction other than down, as the wing slowly dips and a spiral ensues. Again I said goodbye this time, again I begin a new life yet it is different this time. How, I cant put into words yet, as I know not what to say. But I carry the burden and blame. I am growing old, hardened, numb on the inside and time isn't as kind as it once was. Summer is here but I can feel the autumn chill somehow in my bones and sadly in my heart. Fingers pointed, words thrown and crop circles in the carpet. Someone said goodbye. Time must pass and maybe then I will see again. Choices made and consequences faced with more to come I am sure. Time measured in distance..

Inch by inch.

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