Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...waiting, hoping.

.. the road leads to wherever. Whims of the heart dance in my mind. A mind still unsure of which direction to take, but for now the music is sweet and the gentle breeze soothes the senses. A smile from a stranger, a friend not met yet not face to face. Fellow wayfarers have crossed my paths over the years. Faces worn by the journey, hearts scarred by lessons learned once to often yet we continue, waiting, hoping. Stories shared and understanding is a common bond in this brotherhood of sorts. Goodbye came in our lives and we were left with questions and sometimes answers that raised nothing but another question. A vicious cycle of "what if" and "why" ensues. We walk away not looking back but looking forward, waiting and hoping. As paths meet they also diverge with one life taking a separate course. Wondering what will become of us on this journey. Hand gently placed inside mine, a smile graces my presence and warmth radiates from inside, but only in my mind.

...waiting and hoping.

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