Sunday, March 13, 2011


...warm evening winds bring thoughts from a long time ago each memory ebbs and flows by my mind. Reaching to hold on as each tenderly and silently slips out of my grasp. Willing to give all my secrets away if it would change things, but secrets must be kept. Wishing I had thought things through more carefully but knowing I would do the same thing again, if given it to do all over. I miss someone that I will never have again. So? It makes me no different or more special than any other person. Pain is pain and the emptiness you feel inside is a reminder of that loss, that goodbye. Faces as well as places come and go. Smiles, well wishes, words of enlightenment and encouragement bid me on to whatever is in my future. Reminding myself that each step is the part of the journey of discovery, not the destination. Thoughts still pass by me and your eyes still haunt me as goodbye was the last thing they spoke to me.... Still, the heart sits, alone, silent. Hearing and feeling one to many times the word "goodbye" I fear. I know not what to do this time. The mind slowly stands beside it, nothing said. Both are silent....the curtain falls and for now the wayfarer is silent, still and alone.........


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