Tuesday, February 22, 2011

....tired of it all

....roses never fade, the memory remains deeply embedded. Walking away seems the only course of action yet the harder I try the harder the calling of staying rings so loud in my ears. God, how much more can I take? I said goodbye so long ago and have waited only to see others have what I cannot, to hold what I am only allowed to gaze upon. Allowed to hold but for a moment and then have to let go for another to take my place. Slowly walking back through the heart, closing off areas. It was nice for the sun to shine and warm places so deeply, but now winter has returned and with it a cold hollow embrace. Yet deep inside a single flame flickers gently waiting and hoping. Eveningfall then slumber comes and I can only hope to see you there, as reality bids us strangers be. Once I held you and wanted for nothing and now nothing is what I seem to have as my own. Falling back into memories as they offer a safe haven for now, familiar. Reminding myself this is why I have hidden myself away from this and so much in life. The only thing that remains so ingrained in my life is " goodbye".................

....tired of it all.

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