Saturday, February 26, 2011

.... I didn't want to.

.....time, slowly and gently bids me to let go and move on. The heart casting a glance back to what it found, and held but now has let go. The mind offering encouragement but feeling the pain, every teardrop. It was never mine for the taking yet part of me held on, seeing something there but also something in another lifetime long ago. Wasn't looking for it, yet it found me and here we are once again and in the end......alone. Letting flow the tears held back, letting go the hopes, everything. So where does that leave me? Right back where I started from 13 years ago. An open road outstretched before me and a heart torn asunder. An all to familiar path as I know each landmark as it comes into view. Warmth from behind the wall, forbidden yet still felt. No just cause for holding on yet I still remain. Its time for me to withdraw inside, the senses as well as the heart cant be trusted for now.....I walked away... I didn't want to.......

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