Wednesday, November 3, 2010

...the evil within....

I write of many, loss, the subjects vary but the common denominator is hope no matter how deeply buried it remains. I recently wrote of happiness. Pure happiness, from someone I met some time ago and then got back together again with. A friend first but it was slowly evolving into something else. For this I was happy. Very.... While on my vacation I lost contact with this person. No phone calls being returned, not text messages, nothing. Then the hammer falls. A call from a "real" friend. Where she was, what the whole story was every detail of this game she is currently playing, the lies, deceit, the real reason no phone calls. I happened along at the wrong time it seems and got a "friend."

This is what hurts the most. By somebody I trusted...

"Beautiful...articulate...educated, but not smart enough to know that small towns have big mouths".
Hope your reading this Vicki. Yes this is obviously about you..Don't like it? Complain to Blogger, file a complaint...Thanks "friend"...but before you go please enjoy the last entry you will ever be an inspiration for.

"Sweet prose from my mouth, to your ears and then to your heart.

Bypassing the mind and all common sense, never is a good start.

After these years I thought I knew you, taking my time, being careful and slower,

realizing now that our match wasn't made in heaven but somewhere a little lower.

So now the "words or war" are empty and no more will I trouble you,

but I will tell the world how I lost you, at the local VFW"....


Somehow I think Travis Tritt would be proud.


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