Monday, May 10, 2010

wayfarers journey...

..ever so slowly memories come and go if trying to teach me something. Never the image of the present but of paradise lost. Another chance for redemption in my future? To have and hold that which I seek is paradise indeed but with this sweet discovery, goodbye always follows so closely behind. To have loved and lost is my familiar landmark in this life but I accept this burden as its mine and mine alone. But I also realize that I am not alone as there are other wayfarers out there, seeking, wondering when and where their forever shall begin. Paths have crossed from time to time and in the brief look into each others eyes there was weariness, but steadfastness seen. The search continues. Moments of happiness sustain for another day and the temptation of finding out whats around the next curve is to much for the heart to resist. Emotions and expectations balanced with the spirit of discovery so sweet. A wayfarer at heart, nothing will change this and I am content. At least there is a little peace for the weary.

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