Friday, March 26, 2010

So close and then...

Tonight the halls have slowly become empty and silence announces her arrival. Eveningfall has come once again. Her hallow embrace, bringing to remembrance all that I lack. All this time has passed and I still feel vulnerable to what is brought before me. Insecurities, fortitude that didn't stand when tested. Yes, all remembered and replayed over in my mind with the same outcome each time. Years have passed and even though I feel I have grown and became stronger I still do not have that which I seek and with this she cuts me asunder. Yes I have grown stronger and more determined through all of this. One day I shall have that which I seek. So close I have come in the past..Having looked upon and even have held, but every time possession was not allowed but so yearned for..Now? Time dictates when we shall meet again, if ever. But the beauty of it remains pure, simple and so evident.

She exists.

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