Thursday, February 18, 2010

embrace of a cloak..

"Alone"... it seems to be hitting hard tonight...very hard. Sometime no matter how prepared, how positive a mindset you put yourself in, it finds you and embraces you like a worn out cloak. Sure, we all look to rebuild after failed relationships. To move ahead, move on with our lives. Today I began to wonder why I am slowly circling into a spiral again. Like a pilot scanning the control panel for the problem I was doing the same. It then it occurred to me..look at the calender. Funny how the heart knows when all other senses do not..March is drawing nigh..A month that holds so many memories for me over the last decade. Memories normally that are a sweet remembrance but when cast to be beside a battered heart and mind cloaked in loneliness? They become almost more than a man can bear. March in particular holds a moment in time when I truly found what I was looking for. Falling madly in love for the first time in my life..Having it all, lost in the eyes of a "blue eyed Georgia girl." Time goes on and inside the heart never forgets the taste of love. It is hungered for the time it sang and wanted for nothing. Still for this it waits, wanting...wounded.

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