Sunday, February 7, 2010


I started reading a book that a friend suggested to me. "Wild at Heart" is the title and John Eldridge is the author. It is a journey to find a mans heart, explaining the reasons we men are so restless in today's world. I am about half way though the book and it has opened my eyes so much into what makes me tick. I will admit I am frightened at how hard it hit home with me. While this blog is about saying goodbye to one life and living the day to day grind while awaiting the next one to begin, after reading this book I now realize I don't have to have someone to make me happy or validate myself as the man because I found my "dream girl". With this new knowledge the future looks so much brighter and the search for that special someone will continue, but not because I have to have her or can't live without her. I realize you might be thinking "Well duh"....but don't be quick to pass judgment until you have been where I have..

I will have her one day but on God's time and terms, not mine..

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