Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why....Pt 2

As I mentioned in another entry why cant people be just truthful and up front when it comes to dating. I also had to do a retraction somewhat for not being nice and not knowing the whole story. BUT when I do know the whole story and see that i was blatantly played?? I blog about it. So, with this being said..... Why is it so hard to say... "I am already seeing someone, thanks.

Translation: "Oh I am sorta seeing someone, but I was going to see if I you might be a better catch. But I have decided to just date him exclusively and not tell you but let you read on Face Book that I am in a relationship and let you find out that way even though me and you were supposed to be going out this weekend. I know I should have told you,I am so sorry."

Well hon you are a real catch to begin with aren't you...
Exactly what I am NOT looking for in a person.

No, don't be sorry for not telling me, be sorry for the fact you cant be open, honest and truthful...Spare me the show,the song and dance and pony show...Women can blame men for playing games, but sometimes I believe they are the ones who wrote the rulebook. Not going on the date doesn't bother me one bit. Its the part about being played that gets stuck in my crawl..I thought this ended when I graduated high school. But some people never grow up..

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