Monday, April 6, 2009

Been a long three days on the road. Hadn't really planned to be out on the road but obligations I had been putting off for sometime had to be met. To end it all I was able to see a friend find what she had sought and begin a new life after exchanging vows to her new husband beside a beautiful waterfall in the mountains. Four days on the road and all through the lens of a camera or video camera. It was an honor to have been a part of something so special for a friend. Capturing their happiness on film. This last trip brought many things to mind. I always do a lot of my best thinking, pondering, whatever you may call it while letting the miles roll by. Everything has been a blur over the last few weeks. Working two jobs, and very little time off for myself. Three days off was nice but it was mostly a working trip. But I still love it, hiding behind a lens looking into other peoples lives for just a split second in time or catching nature at her most intimate moments.

The smile of a new mother adoring her new born, or the smile from an old friend. These are my moments of solitude.

For these moments I will NOT apologize to anyone.

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