Monday, September 29, 2008


My most hurtful mistakes now my greatest inspiration. Having left myself open, but not intentionally, just not paying attention to my surroundings. Things taken in the wrong context. No time for explanations as the days go by. The spoken is now just as painful as the unspoken. No need.... No use... Being in places best not to be in. The mind and soul.. A last glimpse at what was, but never what could have been. Having tried and failed. With all things new why does it not seem that way? I haven't embraced this new part of me. I find trouble and hesitation in shedding that which is old. The heart finds comfort in that which is familiar. The mind knowing the outcome of such and slowly nudges the heart onward, to let go. There is a certain freedom...a peace that comes with this. A realization...

I have lost indeed butthen again, so have you...and now. No need...No use.

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