Thursday, September 18, 2008

is it you....

Is it you visiting here, my small place on the web? Watching from the shadows? What made you stop by? Curiosity? Perhaps a memory of me crossed your mind and you just wanted to know where I was at, what I was up to these days. You can see I have been busy since we last talked a lifetime ago, as it seems that way. Time hasn't slowed at all yet a small place inside my heart has stood still for sometime. You have a family I suppose and and things probably haven't changed that much for you. Came through your area a few months ago. Things hadn't changed around town. Didn't stay too long. Just wanted to see "our places" and quietly move on. Speaking of moving on, I have worked harder and done better this year. Slowly putting everything into perspective and gained closure one day at a time... The pictures did bring back a lot of memories didn't they? It was hard to keep focused on the shots without reliving everything, every second. A sweet agony of sorts.. If you have read other entries you know there is still so much unsaid. So much that mattered once but not anymore....You know know everything I ever wanted to say to you......You know now don't you.

is it you?

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