Tuesday, March 11, 2008

still recall..

Trying to stay busy, trying to stay focused and then you come around. Like twilight, you are here for a moment and take me away, only to leave with the rising of the sun, leaving me to endure this madness one more day. A dream for now and for always. If only to know your true intent, dare I even hope to know your true identity. A gentle reminder just when I thought I was healing. You so easily point to each scar on my heart and recall to me every one that was laid open at one time or another, the cause and effect. A painful tapestry that beats silently within me each day. I see your smile I hear your voice and still you are out of my reach. My fortress of solitude slowly crumbles a little more. Hidden behind a smile. Deeply buried. Trying to convince myself. Pulling my cloak a little tighter against the cold.....

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