Tuesday, April 9, 2019


A beautiful afternoon spent traveling around looking at the rolling countryside taking pictures. The sun begins to slip toward the horizon and I have yet to find a spot to shoot my ending images for the day. Then I remembered a perfect spot to shoot from. the warm evening air feels good blowing across the fields. As the sun goes down the nightlights began to twinkle on, you pull me off to one side and began to point out the lights of small towns several miles in the distance. You name the places now visible by eveningfall and the lights coming to life.... A train eases past us on a nearby track, having sneaked up on me and I complain as I am not set up for it and miss the shot. You smile at me, amused, and I cant help but laugh at myself. The train slowly moves on and fades into the darkness, its whistle announcing it has finally made it home and will rest. The stars are coming out one by one. I stand still and look at the beauty that is before me, reliving the day. I turn to you and you simply stare at me with a subtle smile, hand resting on my arm and then........
A entry from back in February 3rd of 2009. I still remember that dream as if I had just awakened from it. To this day I still do not know who she was. She still graces my dreams. Still a mystery.
...still here. 
...and now the mystery is solved as I knew the answer all along. Sometimes we need our eyes opened to see, even when we think we can see. 
This is final time of reposting this particular blog entry. For now the last page is written and slowly the curtain falls. Sometimes a lost dream steps out and into your world. Sometimes that dream is someone you said goodbye to a long time ago. The one that you let get away when there was no other person to blame but myself. But sometimes you get that oh so rare second chance. The truly unexpected, as a long closed door opens and the compass finds its true north. I stand amazed, humbled and so unworthy for what stood before me then and now stands beside me. My blessing and my dream.

Where to from here? Wayfarers journey indeed. So many back roads await discovery. Resurfacing.

See you there.. 



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